Welcome to Joinable

Joinable is a social network for getting together in person.

A private and safe way to share your intentions to get together

Healthy community engagement only happens with trust, so Joinable is built around a friend network. You only share with people you know, and optionally share with their friends (friends-of-friends). 

We're committed to creating a positive impact

We take privacy seriously and we will never share or sell your data. While we are a for-profit company, we are committed to creating a double bottom line (the value to the business is tied to the value/benefit created for society).  Read our privacy promise to you.

We believe in the power of community

Joinable is on a mission to bring people together to build local community. We believe healing our local communities start with people spending more time together one-on-one or in small groups. Social media (and traditional media) has stolen our attention away from the people who can make our lives happier and healthier — our friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Reach everyone where they are

The Joinable app has been designed to make it easy to share intentions to connect in person with your community. Sometimes people don't want another app to solve a problem they associate with technology, so we've made it easy for people to participate without downloading the app. Learn more

It's time to get together!

If you'd like to use Joinable to spend more time in person with friends, read our use case: more time with friends.

If you'd like to use Joinable to help your intentional community, private group, or organization become more connected, read our use case: connect with private group members.