Our privacy promise to you

Joinable is a community-building tool, which provides a personal hub for your group. This hub is a completely private space, where you can communicate safely and with confidence. Healthy community engagement only happens with trust, and so with that in mind, here’s what privacy actually means to us.

Your privacy is not for sale

We are committed to not selling your personal data and to remaining ad free. As we don’t earn any revenue from advertising, we’re not trying to capture more of your attention or share your data with third parties. Our focus is 100% on supporting you and your closest relationships, without having to balance that against the business goals of advertisers. We realize this is unusual in our industry, however it's an opportunity to put our members first, and when it comes to your privacy we will happily do so.

Privacy by design

We ensure that your data is protected from other users of Joinable, who you didn't explicitly choose to connect with. We are organized differently from almost any other social or messaging app, in order to maximize your privacy, with no public directory of profiles or groups. Content from one group can't be forwarded over to any other group. Even within a group, we respect each members’ personal preferences, enabling users to select exactly how much information they share.

You use Joinable with a small number of people you explicitly choose to connect with, and that's it. The way you gather your connections together is designed to be as safe and error-proof as possible. In order for someone to either join your group or connect, you must pre-approve their access using their phone number or have access to a unique and expiring invite URL. If you accidentally invited the wrong person, you can revoke their access.

We're at the very beginning of our journey. Given our commitment to ongoing progress in each category, we welcome your feedback, questions, and ideas for what privacy means to you and how we can serve you best. You can email us any time at support@joinable.

Here's the link to our official privacy policy.