Use case: connect with private group members

Joinable is optimized for spending time with friends, but is also a great way to get to know members of an activity group, intentional community, colleagues, a volunteer group, etc.

Assuming you've already downloaded the app and signed up, here are a few steps to get started:

Fill out your profile

Welcome people with a complete profile and set the precedent that this is how people can discover the threads of connection in your group. 

Create a Private Circle

Private Circles are by invitation only. While creating the Circle, you can choose if members can invite other members, or if you are the only one who can invite. All members of a Private Circle can see each other, even if they do not have shared connections (you, the Circle owner are their shared connection).

When Activities are shared with a Private Circle, all members can discover the activity invitation, but only direct connections are notified (we are working on more controls for this). Members can chat with all members of the Circle, but can can't send direct messages unless they've connected as friends. We do this to respect privacy and reduce unwanted messages.

Create your first couple activities

Depending on your group or organization, these activities should be something that helps your members connect. Some examples:

  • An after party for an event
  • The next fitness activity meetup
  • A meet & greet so members can meet in person

When your members join, they'll be greeted with your invitations, so this is your first point of connection.

Start with one member

Familiarity with how Joinable works can help you get the most it. Invite a group member or friend to explore how sharing activities, chatting, and Circle administration works.

Share with your group 

There are a few ways to invite your members:

  • Share a invite link to an existing group list (email, Slack, Discord, Whatsapp, etc.)
  • Add members to the Circle (this pre-authenticates their membership and lets you optionally connect them as "friends")
  • Post/share a QR code for your in-person event

Your members can either download the app (recommended) or participate via text message (SMS). SMS has some limitations, such as creating activities, creating chat messages, or controlling engagement settings. SMS users will receive activity invitations, RSVP, receive updates, and participate in activity chats. Learn more about participating via SMS

Get the ball rolling

Eventually your group will start sharing activities with each other, but at first it's up to you to show the value of Joinable. Post activities, events and ideas for getting together.

Help is always a click away

If you get stuck or have questions, you can view out Help Docs or send a message to