Welcome to Joinable!

Thank you to the SHACK15 squad for testing Joinable, a new type of social network designed to bring people people together in person. We see it was a missing link when connecting with people at SHACK15— an open door to deeper and more meaningful connections.

Bisi Obateru of Joinable has kindly offered to help us with onboarding.

Here’s Bisi:

We are thrilled that Shack15 members are helping us test Joinable for a custom, private social network. Joinable is designed for sharing your activities. It’s optimized for connecting with like-minded folks before, during, and after events. It’s about staying organized with our communities using what we call "Circles." We want joinable to help connect all Shack15 members in SF, and beyond.

Let me orient you on how you can best take advantage of our ecosystem:

Creating your account

Step #1

Sign in to Shack15 Squad on Joinable

You will be asked to write a brief profile, and then also let us know how you like to give back to our community, as a mentor, advisor, ambassador, network, or investor. All Shack15 members give back in at least one way. That’s integral to our community.

Step #2

How do I fill out my profile Bisi?
Have fun with it! What’s that like? Short and focused on your interests in Portugal and possibly California too. Here’s an example from Jonathan.


Born in San Francisco, in love with Portugal and what’s possible in this magnificent country. RedBridge founder, author of the LA Mag story, "The New California Dream is In Portugal," co-author of The Art of Innovation, Ten Faces of Innovation. Author of ten popular books, two on notorious computer hackers, and yes, once a contributing editor for Playboy. Hiker, swimmer, skier, dancer, poet.

Step #3

Ask me about?
Portugal. San Francisco. RedBridge. Shack15. Innovation archetypes.

Step #4

I’m learning about?
Portugal. AI and how we can accelerate learning, especially with language, and the creative arts.

Step #5

Contact Information

Extra info:

Please choose one or more from these selections and put it in your “Extra info (of course do add something personal that’s extra if you like).
Mentor, Advisor, Ambassador, Connector, Investor

Ambassador, Connector (love to brainstorm).

Step #6

Over the next couple of weeks our First Circle hosts will start inviting you to their Circles. We will also start posting general Modernist events, and hope
that you too will share events as well.

Connecting through Circles

Circles are how you connect and share activities. There are two types of Circles, hosted and public. 

Hosted Circles

Hosted Circles, like the SHACK15 Circles you've been added to, are private and allows everyone to share with each other. If you know or meet someone, you can connect with them by scanning the QR code in the Circle. Once you are connected, you'll be able to see activities you share in other Circles. Each Hosted Circle has an owner who manages the membership and moderates discussions.

Public Circles

Public Circles and interests or associations you can share with your connections. In a public Circle, you can only share with your connections (and in some cases 2nd degree connections).

Learn more about Circles here.

Creating Shared Activities

Activities can be anything from a walk in the park to a week-long adventure to the desert — it's all about finding others with shared interest who would like to join you! When you create an activity, share it with one or more Circles you feel are relevant. Sharing with a "Hosted Circle" (like SHACK15 Circles) will invite everyone in the Circle. Sharing with "Public Circles" (e.g., Hiking or Dancing) will only share with your connections. You may choose to share with 2nd degree connections (friends of friends) as well. 

Learn more about Shared Activities here.

Final thoughts

Bisi’s Tips on How to Maximize SHACK15 Joinable:

  • Create activities that will be fun to get to know old friends and new friends.
  • During our SHACK15 events, and on joinable, discover the talents of your fellow Shack15 members, and experience these new diverse connections!
  • Contact Bisi if you want to lead a circle!

If you are having problems – email me at or view our help docs

Thank you!