Activities open the door to connecting with people around the things you love to do. Designed to make it even easier for you to get together with friends and neighbors. Hikes, group bike rides, coffee dates, pick up soccer games - all can be planned, shared with Circles and joined by others, in just a few simple steps.

Anyone can create an Activity, including date, time, how many it's for and message those attending, all in one place.

Your connections will be able to see Activities under the "Join" tab and create their own events that they would like to invite other people to join.

Create an activity

The "Activities", "My Calendar" tab lists all of your personal activities which are open for other people to join, along with any events that you have already signed up to.

To create your own shareable activity, go to the "Activities" tab select "+ Activity" button on the top right, then include the title of your activity, description and photo.

On the next screen, select who you would like to share the activity with (connections or specific people/circles/groups), determine how many people can attend and choose if you would like to add a personal note. The last screen is where you add date, time and RSVP details, before pressing "Save" to share.

Shared activities will appear in your connections Home and Alerts screens.

You can edit your event details at any point. To make changes, click on the activity, followed by ‘...’. You will then have the option to either ‘Cancel activity’ or ‘Edit activity’.

Sign up for an activity

All of your connections’ "Joinable Activities" can be viewed in "Activities" > "Explore Activities". Each post will include the owner, activity, when and how many people can join. To sign up, click the "Join" button at the bottom of the post, including if you are bringing any additional guests (please note the host may not allow additional guests).

By clicking on the "..." you can choose "Message organizer" and "Hide activity". "Add to your calendar" will save the event in your personal calendar. 

By clicking on the "..." you can choose "Message organizer" and "Hide activity".

Share a Joinable activity

Members can share an activity with either their connections, or with someone outside of Joinable. After creating an activity, click on the "Share" button, which will generate a QR code and shareable link. Friends can either scan the code or click on the link to join, no Joinable registration required.

"Explore Activities" is a list of all activities that you can join. "My Calendar" comprises of your own events and those that you have signed up to join.