Circles (groups)


Within a large group, you might wish to have smaller groups that you communicate with separately, which we refer to as a Circle. To create a Circle, select the "Inbox", followed by "Circles". Here you can view any existing circles (including #everyone) and "+ Circle" to create a new one. Pick your #circle handle, decide if you would like to include everyone and if you would like it to be private (only viewable if you included in the circle), then click on "Save & Add Members". Underneath your name, you will have the option to "Add members to your Circle".

Now you can easily communicate and organize with either your larger group, smaller Circle or an individual.

Everyone Circles

When creating a Circle, an option is to make it an "Everyone Circle." This means that everyone in the group, including future new members, will automatically join the Circle.

Public vs Private Circles

When a Circle is created, it can be either public or private. A public Circle can be joined by anyone in the group by visiting the Circles management tab and clicking "join." A private Circle is hidden from everyone who is not a member of the Circle, and members can only be added by other members.

Editing Circles

To edit an existing Circle, visit "Circles" and select the Circle you would like to change. You can add or remove members on this screen, or you can "Edit" which will enable you to change the #name, description and update the privacy settings.

Deleting Circles

To delete a Circle, select "Circles" and click on the circle you would like to delete. You will be given an option to "Delete", followed by a caution that this action is permanent. All associated content will continue to be available to the members of the Circle, under #deleted-circle.

Posting to Circles

To communicate with your Circle, head to the inbox, “+ Post", “New Post” followed by “Edit recipients”. All of your circles will be listed here, along with the individual members of the group.

The Circle handle (#circlehandlename) shows in the message to make it clear to the receivers, which group members are included in the communication.