What is Joinable?

Welcome to Joinable, a shared platform for small, private group communication and collaboration. It’s designed for community projects, where members work together toward a common goal, including neighborhoods, social clubs, teams, school groups and volunteer groups.

Why Joinable might be for you

We know that organizing groups can be tough. There are countless details to manage, things to do, and critical communications often get lost in the shuffle. That’s why we designed Joinable, to make organizing volunteers and communities easy.

How Joinable helps make your life easier

Joinable brings great productivity tools to community organizing:

  • FREE private group hub.
  • Ability to reach members where they are, either in our app, email or text.
  • Devoted shared calendar, accessible to your whole group.
  • Traditional and chat messaging options, track engagement and send gentle reminders.
  • Simple polling for dates and group decisions.
  • Interactive group maps.
  • Centralized shared folder for files, useful links and photos

No more lost documents, missing addresses or scattered messages! Having one place for your group, enables engagement and productivity to grow.

Why your group members will love Joinable

As well as creating tools designed to help organizers, Joinable is committed to making a great group member experience! We aim to be a simple-to-use platform that protects your users privacy and gives them the flexibility to communicate as they wish, whether that is via email, text or directly in the app.

How much does it cost?

Joinable is free for organizers and members and has no distracting advertising.

Want some help to get started?

I’m here to help new groups and their organizers get started via Joinable. If you’d like to know more about how Joinable works or have some help getting started, connect with me at iona@joinable.us.

Iona, Community Success Manager