Joinable vs. WhatsApp Communities

Whatsapp Communities is a product launched in 2022 by Meta (the parent company of Facebook) to support small group communication. 

Joinable is local

Joinable is a shared tool for group communication and collaboration. It’s designed for any group that is working towards a common goal, including neighborhoods, social teams, school groups and volunteer groups.

Joinable provides many more group collaboration tools

Joinable has been designed to enable community organizers in all aspects of their group collaboration, including contact lists, messages (in app, email and text), calendar, polling, events and a shared folder.

WhatsApp Communities is a communication tool with photo and file sharing.

Joinable keeps your data private and secure

Joinable is not part of a social media company. It is a private group space, where members can control exactly what they share, how they receive their notifications, and allows individual organizers to determine each group’s settings. You can always see in our groups who else is a member.

WhatsApp Communities allows you to adjust your notifications per group. Members do not need to have a profile and may remain as just a phone number in your group.

Joinable vs WhatsApp Communities