Joinable vs. Nextdoor Groups

Nextdoor Groups are private spaces where Nextdoor users can post and comment about a specific topic of local interest. They don't have a calendar or any other collaboration tools. Nextdoor Groups provide a good way to broadcast messages, but are not great for promoting member engagement and connection with each other.

Joinable is NOT social media

Joinable is not a social media platform, but rather a shared tool for private group communication and collaboration, around a common goal.

Joinable provides a central location for ALL your group needs

Including your contact list, messages, a group calendar which syncs to Google Calendar, simple and event polling, interactive group maps and a shared folder for files, photos, and links. Joinable is designed to give your group the tools it needs to make stuff happen!

Joinable respects your group's privacy

There is no unsolicited promotion of other groups and unrelated discussions. We’re not driving engagement on our platform, but rather we want to enable groups to communicate solely as they wish to. This is your group and so we don’t decide which comments you should see – we show your conversations as they’re happening.

Joinable connects members across email, text messaging, and a beautiful mobile app

Easily send messages to everyone in your group, however they want to be reached. Track who has opened and read your messages, and send quick reminders to the ones who haven’t. Members can choose to download the app, or just respond through their emails.

Joinable is designed to be a private, ad free, group hub.

Your members control precisely what they share and with whom, there is no advertising, no spam and we don’t sell your data. Our groups are small by nature, as that’s all you need to get stuff done and build a real, local community.