Shared items, recommendations, documents, photos and files (groups)

Each group has its own place to share items and recommendations, and save photos, files and links, located in the "Shared" tab. These are uploaded by clicking "+ Post", followed by either "Share Photos & Videos", "Share Files" or "Share Links".  

“All Shared” encompasses our lending library, recommendations, free stuff, requests and ‘Ask me about’ lists. To learn more about our shared list features, please click here. You can choose which groups you are happy to include your lists with in your “Sharing Settings”, located in the group settings modal.

The next screen will ask you to select the item that you would like to share and then you can choose if you would like to "Notify the group?", by including a message. You can either notify the whole group, a circle or individuals.

All of these files and links are saved in your group's own personal Google Drive Folder, which will be named after your group. Photos/files can be easily edited, deleted or shared by clicking on the "..." menu to the right of the item.

If you share a photo, file or link through a regular post from the "Inbox" it will also be saved in the "Shared" drive.