Resources form a hub for community sharing. Each group has its own place to share items and recommendations, and save photos, files and links, located in the "Resources" tab. 

It’s important to know that "Media" and "Shared files" are specific to the group they were shared in, which means you will not be able to see them in any of your other groups. "Loanable items", "Recommendations", "Free items" and "Ask me about" can be shared with all of your groups! You can use your group’s settings to determine what you share with each group. Click on "Settings" below your group name, then "Sharing Settings".

Photos, files and videos

Photos, files and links can be shared by clicking "+ Post", followed by add to message "Photos/Videos". The next screen will ask you to select the item that you would like to share and then you can choose if you would like to "Notify the group?", by including a message. You can either notify the whole group, a circle or individuals.

All of these files and links are saved in your group's own personal Google Drive Folder, which will be named after your group. Photos/files can be easily edited, deleted or shared by clicking on the "..." menu to the right of the item.

If you share a photo, file or link through a regular post from the "Home" screen it will also be saved in the "Resources" folder.

Loanable items

Our lending library has been designed as a place where your local community can share its resources. You can list the items in your home that you’re happy to share with your neighbors and you can borrow theirs. To view, select the "Resources" tab, followed by "Loanable item".

To list an item, click on the black "+" button in the top right of your screen and select what type of item you would like to add. Then you can include a title, description and photo of the item. It will then be featured in your groups "Resources", "Loanable items".

Requesting an item from "Loanable items" is easy. Simply select the item you are interested in, then click the "Request to borrow" button. This will populate the chat function between you and the owner, with a "I'm interested in borrowing your …" message.

Free items

"Free items" are stuff that you and your connections are giving away for free.

To list something, select "Free item", the black "+" button, then include a title, description and photo (optional).

This will be shared with any of groups where you have enabled sharing.

Requesting something from the "Free stuff" section is easy. Simply click on the item, followed by the "I’m interested" button, which will start a direct chat message between you and the owner, that says "I’m interested in your item name”.


Looking for a plumber, restaurant or vacation idea? Head to "Recommendations" in the "Resources" tab where you can see your group members’ suggestions. To include your own endorsements, select either the "Add a recommendation" or black "+" button.

Ask me about

Want to share a skill or expertise with your connections? "Ask me about" is a space for you to let people know the areas you’re knowledgeable about. It can be anything from knitting to fly fishing, plumbing to nuclear physics. The more we share, the more we can help contribute to our community. To share, click on the "Add your knowledge/advice" or black "+" button.