Quick start for participants (members)

Getting started

If you received a welcome email or text, congratulations — there's nothing more for you to do in order to receive messages from the group.

Configuring notifications

By default, you will receive every message and comment from group communication in either app, email or text. If you'd like to change the frequency you receive messages or how you receive them, you can click the "notifications settings" link in the email footer or learn more about notification settings here.

If you install the Joinable Apple iOS or Android app on your phone or tablet, notifications will switch to that device, unless it's a "priority message" which notifies all your available channels.

Your personal settings

It's always a good idea to review and update your personal settings. Make sure your information is correct and add a photo. You can find your global user settings (these settings are applied to all your groups) at the bottom of the "Global group navigation", followed by the "cog-wheel" next to your name. Learn more about your personal settings.

Native Apps

If you would like to engage more with your group, you can use Joinable online for both mobile and desktop at app.joinable.us. Downloading the native app provides improved management of notifications and makes it easy to participate with your group on the go. Download the apps here: Apple app or Android app.

Replying to messages

Once you have downloaded Joinable, you can join the discussion directly in the app. If you are participating with the group by email, you may choose to reply to emails as a way to post comments to active discussions. Please notice the reply-to name, which will indicate if you are replying to an individual, a subset of the group or everyone.

Signing in

When you first sign up for Joinable, we require an email and a phone number. We will authenticate the contact by sending you a code. We don't use passwords and instead try to remember your device and let you in without logging in. If you signed up with an email and didn't see a response from us in your inbox, check your spam and promotions folders — the email will be from "Joinable."

Magic links

From the links in the footer of the message, you can open your group in a web browser (mobile or desktop) without logging in (we call these "magic links").