Quick start for group organizers

Sign up for Joinable

Visit app.joinable.us for the web app or download our native app: Apple app or Android app. You may find the web app is better for setting up your group, but also try out the native apps, which provide a great participation experience.

Confirming your contact information

When you first sign up for Joinable, we require a phone number which we will authenticate by sending a code. We don't use passwords and instead try to remember your device to allow you to enter the app without having to log in. We also require your email and zip code, as your general location helps you to connect with people and activities outside of your group (if you want to!).

When you have successfully signed in, you'll be taken through our onboarding screens to make sure we have all the information we need to get you started. You have the option to skip some screens if you wish, however the more you include, the richer your experience in Joinable will be.

Your first group

Once in the app, you will be able to create your first group by clicking on the "Add Group" button on the far left of the screen, in the groups menu. Learn more about creating your first group. 

Next step is to select your group's settings, which can be found in the "Settings" button below your group name. Learn more about group settings.

You will also receive an email in your Joinable Inbox with helpful hints on how to get your group started!

Your personal settings

You'll want to review and update your personal settings before you welcome your first group members. You can find your global user settings (these settings are applied to all your groups) at the bottom of the group group menu, located below your name in "My Settings". Learn more about your personal settings.

Group notifications

Admins can determine their group's notification settings prior to inviting members. Click on the “Settings” button below your group name, followed by " Permissions", then select your "Default Member Notifications". These will automatically default to ‘Immediate notifications for everything’. Learn more about notifications.

Discoverable groups

Owners and admins can choose to make groups discoverable. If selected, this means that people who are members of Joinable, can find your group in their My Community “Discover” screen. To make your group discoverable, click on “Settings”, “Identity”, then toggle “Group is discoverable” to on. Learn more about discoverable groups.

Get familiar with your new group

Before you invite your first member, explore the app. Don't worry, you won't break anything. We recommend inviting a close friend or family member, so you can become familiar with how the invitation process works. Did you know you can invite someone with simply their phone number? Try it out.

When you're ready, learn how to invite your members.