Product features


Joinable enables you to message your entire group and guarantee they get the details they need. Whether participants prefer to communicate via emails, text or directly in the app, Joinable gets the message out in the channel they prefer.


Getting information out to your group is important and easy! To send a message, select "Inbox" and "+ Message".

Messages can be sent to your whole group, directly to an individual or to a designated circle. Within a message you can include a simple poll, event poll and photos or documents, as well as send a priority message. Participants can respond to a message in the app, without downloading it, unfollow a conversation and silence notifications.

Within the app, Members also have various message options, including editing and archiving a message and unfollowing a conversation, all by selecting the "..." menu menu located at the top right of a message. 

Comments, reactions and GIFs

Members can engage with a message by either commentating directly underneath, or by clicking on the little smiley face, adding a reaction. You can add as many as you like, or remove a reaction by clicking on it a second time. To include a GIF, click on the icon in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. To edit or delete a comment, click on the "..." directly to the right of your text, beside the reaction button.

Message polls

Within a message you can ask your members to vote on important group questions. The message will arrive by email, text or in their app, and with a simple click, take them to the poll to place their vote. To create a poll, "+ Message", click on the "Poll" icon underneath the "Add to your message" list. Then insert your poll questions.

Priority message

Have an important message you want your group to see? Selecting the priority message toggle promotes your communication, sending an alert to your members’ texts, emails and app notifications. This ensures your group can be notified immediately in urgent situations, even if someone has unfollowed the conversation. Group Admins can determine who (everyone or Admins) in a group can send this type of communication in the "Group Permissions" section of the group admin settings. 

Engagement insights

The "Engagement insights" key enables Admins and senders to see who has opened, read and responded to their messages, as well as "Send reminders". These can be accessed by selecting the icon located to the right of the message title on the desktop app, or the right of inbox on the mobile app.


Members can choose to silence notifications from a specific message thread directly in the app. Simply click the bell icon located in the top right of the message, next to the date and time. When silenced, members will have to check the app directly for any updates on the selected thread.


Messages are automatically saved as soon as you start typing the title. These can be saved with files and polls included and can be found under "Drafts" in the Inbox.

Archive Messages

Messages can be archived by either sliding the message to the right, or by selecting the "..." menu at the top right of the mobile app, followed by "Archive." To view previously archived messages from the Inbox, select the "..." menu, followed by "Archived".


Within a large group, you might wish to have smaller groups that you communicate with separately, which we refer to as a circle. To create a circle, head to the drop down menu beside your group name, followed by "Manage Circles". Here you can view any existing circles (including #everyone) and add a circle. Create your #circle handle, decide if you would like to include everyone and if you would like it to be private (only viewable if you included in the circle), then click on "Save & Add Members". Underneath your name, you will have the option to "Add members to your circle".

Now you can easily communicate and organize with either your larger group, smaller circle or an individual.

Editing circles

To edit an existing circle, visit "Manage Circles" and select the circle you would like to change. You can add or remove members on this screen, or you can "Edit" which will enable you to change the #name, description and update the privacy settings.

Messaging circles

To communicate with your circle, head to the inbox, '+ Message", and in the "To" field, change #everyone by pressing "Select", followed by the relevant circle.

The circle handle (#circlehandlename) is detailed in the message to make it clear to the receivers, which group members are included in the communication.