Personal settings

Your information and privacy

We care about your privacy and want you to feel in control of what you share and with whom. Groups are private and no one outside of your group will see your data. We will never share or sell your data to anyone. Learn more about our privacy promise.

Personal information

Your personal information settings are located at the bottom of the global group navigation (on the left side in the web app, and by clicking the "three lines" menu icon in the top left of the mobile app). Select “My Settings” next to your name. Here you can set your profile image, personal details, notification and sharing preferences, circles, calendar and associations information.


Looking for ways to spark a connection with your neighbors over common interests? Expanding your personal profile enables your group to get to know you better. To share more about you and your interests, click the "Profile" tab in "My settings", then you can add a bio, social links, topics you can be asked about and areas of interest you would like to learn about. It’s helpful to add your email address here too. This means that you have more options as to how other members can communicate with you.

Setting sharing preferences with your groups

Your personal information is global across all your groups, but you can choose exactly what information you share per group and in your My Community profile. 

Go to the group, click the drop down menu next to the group name, and then select "Sharing Settings." Here, via the toggles, you can decide which of the following you are happy to share: email, phone number, address, extra info (eg. family members), personal bio, interest tags and shared list items. Learn more about group settings.

Changing your email address or phone number

You may change your email address or phone number, but you will be required to authenticate the email or number before the change is complete. The authentication will be sent to the new email/phone. If you do not see the email within a minute or so, please look in your spam or promotions folders. You can search for "Joinable."

Notifications settings

Your notification settings can be determined at a personal, individual group, and My Community level. The default setting will always be "Immediate notifications for everything". Learn more about notifications.


“Circles” are interest tags. If you would like to share your interests, select the circles that you would like to engage with. These can then be used to spark conversations with friends and connections. Find out more about circles (link). You can select your circles as part of the onboarding process, or update them at any time in "Settings" > "Circles".


To decide what you would like to share across all your groups (you can change this for each/any group later), head to "Settings" > "Community". Here you can choose how you would like to connect and be seen by your local community.

Group organizers -- In "Visibility" > "Enable community connections" will be switched on. Joinable allows you to connect directly with others in your community, and see their profiles, posts and invitations. These connections appear in the "My Community" tab. Click on the ">" to change to disable.

"Who can see me" determines whether or not you can be found on Joinable, depending on what you selected during your onboarding, this will either be set to "Friends of friends" or "Direct connections only’" You may also select "Anyone", though Joinable generally encourages you to only see people who are 1st or 2nd degree connections.

Group members - if you have been invited directly into a private group, your "Visibility" > "Enable community connections" will be switched off, though you can choose to update this to enable at any point.

"Who can see me’" will be set to "Direct connections only", though again can be updated for greater visibility if you wish.

Sharing settings let you determine what you want to share, from your contact information, to your personal bio, interest tabs, extra info and shared list items. Learn more about group settings.


To edit your calendar settings you must have your email address linked to your account. You can add your email address in personal settings, in the “Profile” tab. All members can choose to "Automatically send invitations to my calendar when I create or join activities in Joinable’" This will be toggled off by default, though can be updated at any time.

Finish setup

Joinable will remind you as to how much of your profile you have finished setting up. Some users will want to add their personal details once they’ve had a chance to play around with the app, and ‘Finish setup’, acts as a gentle reminder of the steps you still need to take to fully engage with your community.

To access, click on the green bar at the top of your home screen, which highlights how far you are through the process. The options on this screen will have a green tick box next to them when populated and include:

  • Create a bio

  • Add local associations

  • Add your photo

  • Add your address

  • Add a friend

  • Enable notifications

All of these are optional, purely recommended by Joinable to enhance your app experience. Please remember that once you have updated your profile, you can still choose which elements you are happy to share with members in different groups and in My Community.