Setting your notifications

Notifications are messages or notices sent to your email, text message or app, when new content is shared in the group. Depending on your group activity, you may always want realtime notifications (default) or you can choose to reduce the notifications with daily digests.

You may also choose to turn off notifications entirely, which means you would need to visit the app in order to see any new messages, events or updates. Notifications are sent to the least disruptive channel you have enabled:
<- Least | App | Email | SMS | Most ->

Silencing message threads

Members can also choose to silence notifications from a specific message thread directly in the app. Simply click the bell icon located in the top right of the message, next to the date and time. When silenced, members will have to check the app directly for any updates on the selected thread.

Priority notifications

Have an important message you want your group to see? Selecting the Priority Message toggle promotes your communication, sending an alert to your members’ texts, emails and app notifications. This ensures your group can be notified immediately in urgent situations, even if someone has silenced their notifications. Group Admins can determine who can send this type of communication in the "Group Permissions" section of the group admin settings.

In the case of a Priority Message, you will receive a notification on the most disruptive channel regardless of your settings. These types of messages should only be used by admins and are designed for urgent communication.

Notifications from an admin perspective

As an admin, when starting your group, it's important to let your members know that they can choose how they want to receive notifications. This personal choice does mean that your members may not always immediately see your messages, unless it's an emergency Priority Message. Depending on the type of group you have, you might want to ask your members to choose either the "immediate" or "daily digest" notifications, rather than silencing them altogether.