My Community Discover

Discover is the place where you can learn more about and become more connected to your local community. This page features local circles, nearby people you might know and local discoverable groups. Groups are private by default, however organizers can choose to make it semi-public, so that Joinable members can ask to join.


This is a great way to share a little about yourself and your interests, facilitating connections with other members. A circle helps connect you to others with shared interests. As you grow your network in Joinable, Circles will become a rich resource for connecting with others in your local community.

Local Circles you may like, feature interest areas tagged by your current connections and people in your local network (connections of your connections). To add a suggested interest to your profile, click on the Circle to find out more, then ‘Add circle’.

Nearby people you may know

There are three ways to connect with friends on Joinable:

  • As part of the onboarding process when the app can search your contacts for current members

  • Through an invitation shared in the People tab. Find out more.

  • In the Discover tab, where we recommend local people with shared connections, ie. friends of friends.

Nearby people you may know are all people local to you, who have connected already with one of your connections. By clicking on their profile, you can see how you're connected, their interest Circles and their Associations.

You can choose to connect with them, through the black ‘Connect’ button, at which point they will be sent a notification of your request.

Discover local groups

Although many of our groups on Joinable are private, and you can choose to start your own group at any time (find out more), some will be open to new members joining. These visible groups are local to you and can be found under ‘Discover local groups’.

To find out more about a specific group, click on the ‘Learn more’ button which will tell you a little about the group and list any connections who are members. Clicking the ‘Join group’ button will send a message to the group organizer who can choose to approve your request. Learn about creating a discoverable group.


Associations are different types of organizations that you are affiliated with. These can range from a school, sports team, society, business, charitable group to so much more. Sharing your associations in My Community and viewing other members, enables you to grow your local connections.

To select which organizations you would like to highlight, head to your personal ‘Settings’ by your profile picture, followed by ‘Associations’. There will be some suggested options and you can choose to search for your own. If it doesn’t appear in the list, a drop down option to ‘Create new: …’ will appear. These newly created associations will be available for other My Community members to join too, however you will only be able those members that are affiliated, if they are either a connection, or second degree connection.