My Community

Joinable is designed to support you in building meaningful connections in your community. With Joinable, you can invite your friends and neighbors to connect, and then begin finding opportunities to spend time together and share. All of this happens in the My Community page, at the top of the menu on the left.


To message your connections, click on ‘+ Post’, then select who you would like to contact. The default setting will be ‘All my connections’, though you can also select your groups, circles or associations. Within a post you can include a gif, photos/videos, activity, activity poll, simple poll or request. Find out more about:

  • Photos/videos

  • Activity

  • Activity poll

  • Simple poll

  • Request

My Community notifications

Want to determine how often you receive notifications from Joinable? Click on "My Settings" next to your name, followed by "Notifications". Depending on how you are signed up (App, email or SMS), you can choose to be notified either immediately for all messages, immediately for all messages involving you or by daily digest. 

Learn more about notifications. 


Chat messages can happen with single individuals, or with a number of people who may be from different groups. You can start a chat either, from the ‘Home’ page by clicking on the ‘Chat’ button located in the top right of the screen, or in the ‘People’ tab, by selecting the person, followed by ‘Chat’.

You will receive notifications of new chats, via the orange dot, in either the ‘Chat’ button, or the ‘Updates’ tab. Chat messages do not appear in the ‘Home’ screen.

People and connections

More than an address book, the People tab lists all of your ‘connections’ and the personal information they are happy to share. Here you can see their associations, circles (interest tags) and any activities they are hosting that you can join. You can also choose to chat or message them directly from this tab. Learn more about circles and associations.

Find new ‘old’ friends

Looking to find people you already know on Joinable? Head to the ‘Discover’ screen where you can see ‘Nearby people you may know’. Here you can see local friends with whom you have a shared connection with (i.e. you are both connected to the same person).

Invite new connections

You can invite new friends to become a Joinable Connection directly from the People screen. Simply click the "+ Invite'' button, then show them the QR code to scan, or copy the link to share. New users will be asked to create an account before they can become a connection and appear in your People screen.

When you invite a new user to Connect on Joinable, they will be prompted to set up their profile, including contact info and a description.

Second degree connections

Second degree connections are simply friends of friends. We want you to be able to connect with people you are already close to in some way, so to be a second degree connection, they must be connected to someone that you are connected to.

For all of our features in My Community you can choose to share what you are doing, with connections and/or second degree connections. Learn more about your Sharing Settings.