Posts (groups)

Joinable enables you to message your entire group and guarantee they get the details they need. Whether participants prefer to communicate via emails, text or directly in the app, Joinable gets the message out in the channel they prefer.


Getting information out to your group is important and easy! Posts are messages or notices sent to your app, email or text message, when new content is shared in the group.

To message your group members from the Home screen, click on ‘+ Post’, then select who you would like to contact. The default setting will be your whole group, though you can also select group circles. Within a post you can include a gif, photos/videos, activity, activity poll, simple poll or request. Find out more about:

Posts can be sent to your whole group or to a designated circle. Participants can respond to a message in the app, unfollow a conversation and silence notifications.

Within the app, members also have various message options, including editing and archiving a message and unfollowing a conversation by selecting the "..." menu menu located at the top right of a message.

You can also tag someone in a post thread, by including @firstnamelastname. 


Chat messages can happen with single individuals, or with a number of people who may be from different groups. You can start a chat either, from the "Home" page by clicking on the "Chat" button located in the top right of the screen, or in the "People" tab, by selecting the person, followed by "Chat"

You will receive notifications of new chats, via the orange dot, in either the "Chat" button, or the "Alert" tab. Chat messages do not appear in the "Home" screen.


Joinable supports members who choose to only participate using email. Members can send a message to the group by sending an email to "" — you can find this email in the "Group Information" screen (group "Settings" -> "Group Information"). Email users can also reply to messages they receive by email — these replies will show up as comments under the message

Text messaging/SMS

Members using only SMS will receive notice of new posts, but will not be able to initiate or reply to these messages through SMS. They can click a link in their SMS which will take them either to their app or a browser version of Joinable. SMS users will be requested to download the app, though it is not essential.

Comments, reactions and GIFs

Members can engage with a post by either commenting directly underneath, or by clicking on the little smiley face (to the right), to add a reaction. You can add as many as you like, or remove a reaction by clicking on it a second time. To include a GIF, click on the orange "+" by the comment section at the bottom of the screen.

To edit or delete a comment, on desktop click on the "..." directly to the right of your text, beside the reaction button. On the app, long press on the comment.


Within your home screen, posts can also be filtered by type, either "All", "Sharing", "Activities" or "Requests", making it easier to locate the type of message you are searching for. To use, click on the filter icon (2 parallel lines with dots on either end), located at the top of your home screen under finish set up (app), or the button options to the right of your home screen (desktop).

Image attachments

You can attach images and videos to messages. When first composing a post, choose "Photos" from the list in the modal below the message field.

Attaching events & polls

You can either create and attach these types of content from the “+ Post" compose screen. Learn more about Events and Polls.

Lock message

An admin can choose to lock a message thread, which means that group members will no longer be able to comment. To lock a message, click on the "..." followed by "Lock message".

Archived messages

Messages can be archived by either sliding the message to the right, or by selecting the "..." menu at the top right of the mobile app, followed by "Archive." To view previously archived messages from the Inbox, select the "..." menu, followed by "Archived".

Deleting messages

An admin can choose to delete a message thread entirely. Please note that it will be permanently deleted for the entire group and should only be used with everyone's consent. Archiving messages should be the preferred solution for clearing out your inbox. To delete, click on the "..." menu, followed by "Delete for everyone".

Engagement insights

After sending messages in Joinable, the message sender is able to see who has opened, read and responded to their messages, as well as view how the messages were delivered (in app, email, by text message or in a digest).

To access, click on the ‘...’ located at the top right of the message post and choose “View Engagement” from the drop down menu options.

Find out more about engagement insights here.


Looking for help or advice? By selecting the "Request" option within a post you can specify the kind of help you need, include a personal message and when you need it. Members of your group will receive a post with the request and can either click the "I can help" button, or respond to the message directly.