Managing your groups

Creating a new group

We've built Joinable so that you can manage all your groups in one place, whether it's social, neighborhood or volunteer based.

To create a new group, head to the global group navigation on the left-hand side of your screen and click on the rectangle, black "+ Create a Group" button. On this pop up screen, you can determine your group name and select an image from either those provided or an existing one from your photo library. Your group name and image can be updated at any time in the "Group Identity" screen. 

In this screen you can also select a "Group handle". This is a unique name that can be used for messaging directly from email to your group. By selecting the "advanced options" drop down menu, your new group's notifications and permission settings can be updated.

Managing multiple groups

After you have created a new group it will be visible in the global group navigation menu running down the left-hand side of your screen. To pivot between your groups, simply click on the name, which will take you to its home page. The menu that you see along the top of the screen will apply specifically to that group, as will the drop down menu located to the right of your group name.

Multiple group administrators

Whether you are looking to foster a collaborative group environment or just spread the organizational load, Joinable allows you to have multiple admins to manage a group. To add additional admins to your group:

  • Select "Members" screen
  • Select the individual/s
  • Click the "..." menu on the top right, followed by "Manage Roles"
  • Make "admin"

In this screen, admins can also select members to be  "priority message sender". For more information on priority messages.

Group Ownership

Groups can have multiple administrators, but only one owner. To transfer ownership of a group, select the drop down menu to the right of your group name, followed by "Group Ownership". The "Select a new owner" button takes you to a list of all the members in your group, from which you can choose the new owner. Remember that transferring ownership removes your ability to change member admin privileges or delete the group.

Deleting your group

Some groups will continue to run forever, whilst others may be based around a project that comes to an end. Groups can be removed from Joinable only by the owner, though once deleted, they cannot be restored. To delete a group, click on your group drop down menu and select "Group Ownership". Enter the group name, followed by "Delete my Group". This action is irreversible.