Group settings

Owners, Admins and Members

There can be only one owner of a group and they alone have the power to delete a group and add/remove an admin. Owners and admins will see the group admin settings within the group information modal. Members will only see the options of "Group Information", "Notification Settings" and "Privacy Settings". Read more about managing your group.

Group Settings

Group settings are located in the group info modal, accessed by clicking the drop down menu to the right of the group title. Within this modal, owners and admins can edit "Group Permissions", "Group Identity", "Calendar Settings", "Configure Circles" and "Group Ownership". [Image]

Privacy (everyone)

Everyone can choose what information they would like to share with the group (see Personal Settings to learn how to set your information). Admins can see this information regardless of the setting (please use our feedback form if you feel this should change).

Notifications (everyone)

Notifications are messages or notices sent to your email, text message or app, when new content is shared in the group. Depending on your group activity, you may always want realtime notifications (default) or you can choose to reduce the notifications with daily digests.

You may also choose to turn off notifications entirely, which means you would need to visit the app in order to see any new messages, events or updates. Notifications are sent to the least disruptive channel you have enabled:
<- Least | App | Email | SMS | Most ->

In the case of a Priority Message (learn more about Priority Messages), you will receive a notification on the most disruptive channel regardless of your settings. These types of messages should only be used by admins and are designed for urgent communication.

Group Identity (Admins)

If you are an admin, you can change the group name, group logo (appears in the global group navigation list on the left-hand side of the app), home page image, and group purpose statement (both of which appear in the "Group information" modal).

Permissions (Admins)

Admins can determine the access members have to inviting members, messaging circles and individuals, creating events and sending priority messages.

Group Ownership (Owner only)

If you either created a group or were transferred ownership of it, there's an option in group admin settings labeled "Group Ownership", where you can either "Select a new owner" or "Delete my group". Please keep in mind that you can create as many admins as you'd like, and they will be able to do everything except delete the group or remove admin status.

If you transfer your ownership, the only way to get it back is for the new owner to transfer it back to you. Deleting a group is permanent!