Group Activities


To create an activity, click "+ Post" then select activity from the options below. Here you can add a title, description of the event and include an image. You can also select how many people you would like the invitation to be open to. Either one person (this is more for My Community), any number (usual choice) or a customized min/max participants.

On the next screen you can include the date, time, location, description, add additional guests and request RSVPs. Once you have input all the event details, you will be taken to the post to finish composing your message, which can be sent to either your whole group, or one of your circles (sub-groups).

Invitees will receive a message/app notification asking them to respond. If you are the event creator, you will also receive notifications when people RSVP, keeping you up to date on your event status.

All of your upcoming events and their RSVP status are listed in "Activities".

Activity polls

Looking to hold an activity and want to find a time that works for your whole group? Check out our activity poll feature, designed to make organizing easy.

To create an activity poll click, "+ Post" and select "Activity Poll".

First add the event name, and confirm who the poll is to be sent to (group/circle). Then select which dates you would like to include, clicking the arrow next to the month to move to the next month. Once you have your date options, you can then choose the times for your poll. If it's the same time for each date, click "Clone times to all dates", followed by "Send Poll".

Your activity poll has now been created and will be sent to all intended participants.

Group members will receive a post/app notification asking them to vote in the event poll. Click once on the date circle if you can make it (green tick) and twice if you cannot (gray cross). All of your event polls and their votes are listed in "Activities" > "Polls". Results will tally up in the column on the right hand side and by clicking on the results number, you can see who has voted.

Once the votes are in, you can click on the "Select Final" button in the poll, then choose the date, followed by "Create Event". From here you will be taken into a message, where you can include the invitees and an accompanying message.


Once an event has been created, group members will be notified by an invitation in their Home screen (can also be accessed via Activities). This RSVP will appear as a post which can be clicked on for more details and to 'Join'. after RSVP'ing you will have the option to add the event to your calendar.