Direct Connections

Joinable is designed to support you in building meaningful connections in your community. With Joinable, you can invite your friends and neighbors to connect, and then begin finding opportunities to spend time together and share. All of this happens in the Direct Connections page, at the top of the left menu.

Address book

Built like an address book, the People tab has two subtabs: "Connections", which lists all of the members you have connected with on Joinable, as well as "All Group Members", which lists all of the members in each of your groups.

Invite new connections

You can invite new friends to become a Joinable Connection directly from the home screen. Simply click the "+ Invite" button, then show them the QR code to scan, or copy the link to share via email, text message, or other communication tool. 

Want to find people you know already who are on Joinable? Simply click. on the "Find Friends" button at the top of your connections list. From here you can sync with your phone contacts and Joinable will search for friends you can connect with.

New users will be asked to create an account before they can become a Connection and show up in your Home screen. They can then start building their own connections. "Connections" appear under the "Members" tab, along with "All group Members" - the people in this section are compiled from all your Joinable groups.

Posts & chat

To chat to your connections in, click on "+ Post", then select the member/s you would like to interact with. Chat messages can happen with single individuals, or with a number of people who may be from different groups.

When you invite a new user to connect on Joinable, they will be prompted to set up their profile, including contact info and a description. From then on you can also find them located at the bottom of the global group navigation (on the left side in the web app, and by clicking the "three lines" menu icon in the top left of the mobile app). Select the cog-wheel next to your name.

Personal info

Here you can set you profile image, first name, last name, email, phone number, address and bio.

Interest tags

 This is a great way to share a little about yourself and your interests, facilitating connections with other members.

Direct Connections personal settings

Your personal information is global across all your groups, but you can choose exactly what information you share per group. Click the drop down menu next to the Home screen header, and then select "My Permissions." Here, via the toggles, you can decide if you want to share your email, address, personal bio and interest tags.

Direct Connections notifications

Want to determine how often you receive notifications from Joinable? Click on the drop down menu next to the Home screen header and select "Notification Settings". Depending on how you are signed up (App, email or SMS), you can choose to be notified either immediately for all messages, immediately for all messages involving you or by daily digest.